American Hot Rod Association

American Hot Rod Association

Opened in 1956.
Closed in 1984.

Panama City, FL

Box 10278
Panama City, FL 32404

The AHRA was formed in 1956 and was active for only 28 years, but in that time, the group contributed mightily to what we accept now as modern drag racing, especially modern pro drag racing. During 1957 - 1964, the AHRA was the alternative place to race while NHRA hada Nitro ban. AHRA shut down for good in 1984. Rod Saint purchased the trademark rights in 2009 by couldn't get passed some bounced payout checks in 2010.

Assoc. / Drag Racing

Drag Racing - AHRA

Dragstrip - Asphalt 1320 ft


Walt Mentzer
Founder / Co-Founder - 1956 to Present

Jim Tice
Former President - 1970 to 1982


All American Dragway
Member Track
Lena, MS

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