C and C Motorsports

8081 Centerville Road
Manassas, VA 20111

Our full service engine show offers Block Resurfacing, Block Boring, Align Honing, Block Honing CK10, Angle Milling, Main Cap Installation, Aluminum Head Repair, Balancing, Rod Resizing, Rod Bushing, Piston Notching, Cylinder Head Work, Valve Jobs, Lathe Work, Porting/Polishing, Crankshaft Grinding, Crankshaft Welding, Magnaflux Service, Mill Work, Sonic Testing, and more. Look to us for all your performance needs. Standard, Race or Blower engines, transmissions, clutches, full blower service, and repair of all types of engines.

Builders / Engine
Machine Shop
Tuner & Dyno

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