Edelbrock Racing

Edelbrock Racing

Racing since 1938.

2700 California Street
Torrance, CA 90503

Camshafts & Lifter Kits, Carburetors & Accessories, Crate Engines, Cylinder Heads, Data Aquisition, Electronic Fuel Injection, Engine Dress Up, Exhaust Products, Fuel Pumps, Gaskets, Installation Items, Intake Manifolds, Nitrous, Russell Plumbing, Power Packages, Shocks, Superchargers, Suspension, Top End Kits, Turbos, Valvetrain, Water Pumps.

Block / Heads
Cams / Valvetrain
Fuel & Ignition
Headers & Exhaust


Camee Edelbrock
Board of Directors - 2017 to Present
Former Vice President - 1988 to 2008

Otis (Vic) Edelbrock
Former CEO - 1938 to 1962

Vic Edelbrock
Former CEO - 1962 to 2010

John Towle
Former Employee - 1964 to 1991

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