Harry Miller Racing Engine

Opened in 1909.
Closed in 1933.

Harry A. Miller, a successful manufacturer of carburetors. Offenhauser helped Miller turn a flood of ideas for racing engines into metal - engines that began to win races. In 1922, an eight-cylinder Miller engine won the Indianapolis 500, as Millers would for nine out of the next 12 years. Miller lost his business in 1933 and Fred Offenhauser (his business partner)took part of the 18 months in back wages he was owed in the form of machinery, patterns and parts, setting up shop just around the corner from the Miller plant in LA and made parts for the Miller 255.

Builders / Engine

IRL - Indy Car Series


Leo Goossen
Former Employee - 1920

Fred C. Offenhauser
Former Employee - 1909

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