National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame

National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame

Racing since 1984.

4967 W 12th Street
Speedway, IN 46224

To preserve the heritage of midget auto racing as wel as perpetually recognize outstanding people within the sport with the introduction of such people into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Corporate Mission: To expand the activities of the established NationalMidget Auto Racing Hall of Fame by designing, building and maintaining a permanent Historical Display which will forwardthe goals of the Hall of Fame.

Museum & HOF



Andy Anderson
Board of Directors

Ken Brenn
Board of Directors - 2007
2007 - Inductee

Steve Chassey

Ken Clapp
Board of Directors - 1999 to Present

Barbara Hellyer
2017 - Inductee

Rollie Helmling
Board of Directors

Tommy Hunt
Board of Directors
2015 - Inductee

Dick Jordan
Board of Directors
2010 - Inductee

Ron Lauer
Board of Directors

Steve Lotshaw
2010 - Inductee
Board of Directors - 2010

Kevin Triplett
Board of Directors - 2017 to Present

Richard Woodland
Board of Directors - 2017

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