USAC | United States Auto Club

USAC | United States Auto Club

Racing since 1956.

4910 West 16th Street
Speedway, IN 46224

USAC was formed by Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony Hulman when the American Automobile Association (AAA) withdrew from auto racing following the 1955 Le Mans disaster. USAC became the arbiter of rules, car design, and other matters for what it termed Championship automobile racing. This term, which sounds rather generic, in fact became a term of art describing a car built to be used in the highest level of USAC racing. For a while there was a separate series of specifications for Championship cars designed to be run on dirt, rather than paved, tracks. USAC also became the sanctioning body for many lower levels of motor racing, including sports cars, sprint cars, midget cars, and others.

Assoc. / Events

USAC - Silver Crown
USAC Series


Emil Andres
Division Supervisor - 1959 to 1968

Chuck Arnold
Former Chief Steward - 1975

Henry Banks
Former Director - 1959 to 1969

Dick Beebe
Board of Directors - Past

Thomas W. Binford
President - 1957 to 1969

Duane Carter
Former Director - 1955 to 1959

Russ Clendenen
Former Employee

Frankie Delroy
Former Director - 1970 to 1978

Michael Harker
Former Employee

Harry Hartz
Board of Directors - Past

Rollie Helmling
Former CEO - 2001 to 2007

Anton (Tony) Hulman
Founder / Co-Founder - 1956

Dick Jordan
Historian - 1968 to Present

Dick King
President - 1976 to 1997

Norm Nelson
Board of Directors - Past

Rolla Vollstedt
Board of Directors - 1968 to 1984

A.J. Watson
Board of Directors - 1961 to 1969


USAC Hall of Fame
Under Management
Speedway, IN


Montpelier Motor Speedway
Member Track
Montpelier, IN

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